AWS S3 = Dropbox or Google Drive?

Were you guys thinking by reading the blog title, that I am going to give you the detailed comparison between the cloud storage providers? Well, the answer is NO, fact is you all are smart enough and know very well most of the cloud storage providers and must be using it.

So I thought why not tell you how different is aws s3 when it comes to other cloud storage.

When it comes to cloud-based storage we all have few questions in mind, questions I had was  like

  • is it secure to keep my important documents?
  • How much do i get a free storage?
  • is mobile app available?
  • Can is share files or folders and have permission set?
  • Price? If I need to buy more storage?

Most of the popular once have all your questions answered that’s why you use it on daily basis right!

But this isn’t case when it comes to aws s3. Let’s see why amazon sell it as a service not as a cloud storage.

Tool used to create below pic:


Tushar Bhavsar

AWS Solution Architect Associate

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