EC2 – Basics you should know

While I was preparing for my AWS-SA associate exam, I was feeling that there is so much information going in my head that if I don’t write it in my words then definitely I will forget. So I started preparing notes of every topic what I was going through. But I still use to get confused on connecting the dots between the all the AWS services. So I started brainstorming and drafting all the product related notes on a plain piece of paper and started drawing it. I strongly believe in “KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle”. So I jotted my information, my notes, exam concepts all on one page.

You can download as a soft copy from this link:




Honestly speaking you can’t master all of the AWS services in one go by simply just appearing AWS-SA Associate exam. Rather focus on basics and concepts of the core services and rest other services just by knowing what each service use cases will do. Most of the relevant information I have tried covering, but you know EC2 is so vast that it couldn’t be caught in a one-page doc.

Hope you like it. Similar way other services are queued for my next blog.

Tushar Bhavsar

AWS Solution Architect Associate.

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