Register AWS FreeTier Account in 10 Minutes

Doing Evaluation, approaching certification, or deploying small workloads. Amazon Web Services Freetier comes out to be the best evaluator platform to get hands on with Amazon Web Services products and services offered. In this blog, we will go Step-By-Step on how to Create AWS free tier account. I know most of you by this time know how to activate Freetier account,but my goal is to make my blog platform as a single stop resource and knowledge base to get you heads up on Amazon Cloud Services.

Before we go ahead please make sure you carry following

  • Credit card or Debit Card (if your debit card allows International Transaction)
  • Email Address
  • Limits of Amazon Web Services Free Tier Usage.


Your Official/Personal Email address and give password which is easier to remember.

  • Process will verify your Mobile Number

  • Add your Card Details

Once you have verified your mobile number and Card payment, you are done with the registration process. What I like about AWS is the moment registration process completes a landing page full of resources and 10 minutes tutorial series on solution will be very helpful to get you going. Soon we will be starting with 10 Minutes Blog Series – Stay tuned.

This is where world class Cloud Service is managed. You can go around services and read the getting started guide which is very detailed drafted to get you give a jump start.

Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs to get you going further.

Tushar Bhavsar
AWS Solution Architect Associate

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